August the Label.

August the Label.

August the Label.

Shot by Oveth Martinez

Styled by Shop Royalie

Ivy Carnegie

1.You are not your resume.

2. You are loved.


4. You can be in control of how you FEEL.

5. No one else is responsible for your emotions.

6. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Preparation is key.

7. Use what you HAVE, start where you ARE, do what you CAN.

august the label

august the label ivy carnegie

august the label

august the label

august the label


ivy carnegie

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California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin

Ivy Carnegie x Rachel Wilkins

Rip Curl x Jacks Surfboards

Fullerton, Ca

Five things I love about content creating.


  1. I get to create something that is not happening every day.  INSERT REAL HERE: Obviously I do not wear a nude body suit everyday of my life. Content creating allows me to really step into my creativity and embody something so different. California just happens to make it really easy.

Ivy_0462. I get to express joy via the camera. I enjoy smiling and I literally am so stoked about life that shooting allows me to really express that part of me and document it in beautiful clothing. My smiles are not forced, it is usually the lather that is tougher sometimes. Most people that have worked with me know I have a harder time being more serious.
Ivy_0453. I get to wear someones IDEA. There is something so magical about stepping into some ones creation, someones dream and someone elses energy. After owning a business I know what it is like to create something from idea to physical to then see it on a body or in my case, enjoyed. It is just as exciting for me to put it on my body and bring it to life as it is for them to see it. I get so stoked for the brands I work with. I become their biggest cheerleader. I often find myself shouting at instagram when I see them post a new product or reach a new goal. I just want to say ” Go Go Go. “Ivy_0424. I get to see beautiful places, often. My scenery changes. Have you ever worked a job and loved it and then six month later found yourself staring at the wall that you once thought was stunning? Content creation gives such a new fun exciting adventure almost daily. I love it. I love to make things magical and new, fresh and create a vision. Ivy_039Ivy_040Ivy_041Shot by Rachel Wilkins Photo

Clothing by Jacks Surfboards

Hat by Rip Curl