Natural skin care tips from a swimsuit model.

Natural skin care tips from a swimsuit model.

Natural skin care secrets of a swimsuit model. Lets get Earthy.


 Ladies, please also keep in mind I was working with a professional photographer who KNOWS how to shoot bikinis and skin.


  1. Swim suit prep. Before each swimwear shoot I exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate more. I use day old coffee grounds and a shower scrub glove. I turn the shower off, sit in the tub (empty) and scrub my body from head to tow. This is incredible for your lymph system and kidneys, which is where cellulite comes from. We carry around so much dead skin cells that it makes it hard for our skin to breathe therefore everything getting backed up. Scrub your bods ladies, and don’t spend any extra money.


Ivy_026 copy

2. I rehydrate my skin. I rehydrate my skin internally first. I drink as much juice as I can get into my sweet little body. Fruit and vegetable juices are natures BEST way to hydrate. I drink as much fluid as I can to make sure my body is good and naturally glowing. My specific favorites are a green juice with lemon, cucumber, celery, kale and ginger. I also love fresh coconut water from a YOUNG THAI coconut. It taste like a vanilla milkshake to me.


3. I moisturize my body. Now, this subject is so controversial. I rarely put anything ON my body that I would not eat. OUR SKIN is our third kidney. It in and of itself IS a filtration system. Putting processed oils and lotions on your skin is like pouring toxins directly into your system. I use pre-shoot and post exfoliating, Kopari’s coconut balm and and melt. I do this while sitting in the sunshine.

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4. I get sunshine. Every body feels better in their body with a tan. I am not a huge fan of sunless tanners but I am a huge fan of Vitamin D. I naturally crave nature and being outside. I get really unmotivated if I do not spend too much time outside in the sun. Can it be dangerous? Sure, but I like to think I protect my skin by my lifestyle and the way I eat. I will say, I watch women at the beach and they act very different leaving the beach than they do when they first took their cover up off. It is mood boosting and as a swim suit model, it ALWAYS looks better after, mentally and physically.



5. I load up on fruit. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its the mangos. I SWEAR they make my skin and face just glow. When I eat fruit in the sun as a mono meal, my body just thrives. My digestion is perfect ( important as a swim suit model) and my skin is clear.



6. I put Kopari Body glow EVERYWHERE. You can see on the photo above. When I first got this.. I was like “yea… no… I’m not a dancer.” haha I discovered it is like liquid gold. It just highlights all the right spots and covers all the not so camera friendly areas. It literally is like addicting and more importantly, safe for my skin. I feel naked trying to shoot without it.


7. I put turmeric on everything. Anytime you can reduce inflammation, your skin will look better. Inflammation affects the entire body, even if you can only feel it in one area of the body. If I am really feel inflammed I drink tart cherry juice with turmeric and celery! When I cook, I add turmeric and pepper to everything! It really makes a difference.



Shot by Rachel Wilkins Photo

Styled by Alexandra Styled

Skin love by Kopari Beauty

Swim wear by Tori Praver


Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

pretty nourished

Deal with depression? These are for you.
Deal with constipation? These are for you.
Deal with sweet cravings and blood sugar challenges? These are for you.


Prep time:

15 minutes

Cook time 30


1 cup oat float (homemade)

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

1/8 cup of ground flax seeds

1 tbsp psyllium husks

1/4 cup oat bran

2 stevia packets

2 tsp of vanilla

2 dates

1/2 can of pumpkin puree (NOT PUMPKIN PIE MIX, girl.. calm DDDOOWWWNN)

1 bag of vegan dark chocolate chips.



Blend oats, flax, psyllium husks, oat bran and protein powder. Blend to a powder.  Empty into a large bowl and set aside.  Blend pumpkin, stevia, 2 dates and vanilla. You can add a banana or more dates here if you would like it sweeter.

Add blended wet mixture to dry ingredients mixing bowl. Stir together, combining all. Add water or almond mix as needed. It will get sticky fast from the psyllium husks so you want to work quickly. When all the mixture is combined, add chocolate chips. Form into balls and flatten in baking sheet. ( Use wax paper if you do not want to grease the pan.)


Voila. Enjoy.




ivy carnegie juicing book
Ivy carnegie

August the Label.

August the Label.

August the Label.

Shot by Oveth Martinez

Styled by Shop Royalie

Ivy Carnegie

1.You are not your resume.

2. You are loved.


4. You can be in control of how you FEEL.

5. No one else is responsible for your emotions.

6. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Preparation is key.

7. Use what you HAVE, start where you ARE, do what you CAN.

august the label

august the label ivy carnegie

august the label

august the label

august the label


ivy carnegie

DSC_9325august the labelDSC_9300ivy carnegieaugust the labelDSC_9495august the labelaugust the labelDSC_9557